All The Over-The-Top Glasses From Elton John’s Rocketman Biopic — All In One Place

When you look back at the intersection of fashion and music throughout history (and boy are there a lot), a few names immediately come to mind. There\'s Jagger, Hendrix, Bowie, and of course, the famous Freddie Mercury. But in comparison, none of them, not even Freddie, can compete with a certain blonde-haired Brit: Sir Elton John. Since his rise to superstardom in the 1960s, one thing about the beloved singer-songwriter has never changed: his unequivocal love of fashion, and more specifically, his iconic eyewear collection.Even now, at 72 years-old, the Rocket Man can rarely be spotted without a pair of oversized, probably heart-shaped glasses atop his head. He is, after all, rumored to own over 200,000 pairs (casual). So to commemorate not only his enviable fashion sense, but also the release of a major motion picture based on his life, we\'re bringing you the film\'s most iconic glasses.See the world through Sir Elton John\'s eyes by clicking through the slideshow ahead.At Refinery29, w