A New Crop Of Online Boutiques Has Us Excited For Summer Dressing

One of our favorite things about fashion is the constant refresh. There’s always something new around the corner, whether it’s a seasonal turnover from one of our favorite designers, an unseen silhouette that’s suddenly appearing in every store and every feed, or, even better, a brand-new shop that we’ve never encountered before. That last one might be the most exciting one for those of us on the Shopping team, and luckily, the past few years have been good to us in this regard. Despite much chatter about retail’s decline, new boutiques pop up all the time, leaving us with more choice than ever as to where to allocate our dollars. (Remember to recycle your old clothes and shop consciously for new ones, friends!)We’ve seen so many new retailers crop up, in fact, that we decided to do a deep dive on some of our faves. To ensure that we don’t keep you here all day, we narrowed our focus to stores that have opened in the past two years, and ones that are either multi-brand o