8 Dads Tell Us What They Really Want For Father's Day

With Father\'s Day just around the corner, it\'s time to get serious about finding that one perfect gift for dad. There\'s only one issue: if your dad is anything like mine, he\'s probably next to impossible to shop for. Either he\'ll lie and say your gift was exactly what he wanted (even if wasn\'t) or he\'ll scold you for \"unnecessarily\" spending money on him (typical). Suffice to say, finding a gift that checks all of your dad\'s boxes isn\'t going to be easy.While we\'d like to say that our gift giving skills know no bounds, when it comes to our dads, sometimes it\'s best to call in reinforcements. This year, we went straight to the source and asked our own dads what it is that they really want for Father\'s Day. Their answers? Well, they were pretty much as dad-like as you can imagine. But after a little coaching and a lot of shopping, we were able to round up the top-notch Father\'s Day gifts that your dad will actually love (no lie this time).Click ahead for a glimpse at what R29 dads are lo