4th Of July Outfits That Are Actually Stylish

White jeans, striped bikinis, plaid dresses — these are the things that come to mind when you think of 4th of July dressing. And while we\'re usually all for ditching tradition and forging our own sartorial paths, this holiday is one of the few times when we\'re willing to make an exception — and embrace that classic red, white and blue.With July 4th falling on a Thursday this year (score), we have four days to fit in as many festive looks as possible. But even the most creative dressers struggle to make July 4th outfits look less, well, basic. So to ensure you dress your best this holiday weekend, we took to Instagram for some much-needed Independence Day inspiration.From flowy dresses made for the beach to hot weather-ready sets, we\'ve found a stylish 4th of July outfit for you in the roundup ahead.You can\'t go wrong with a little white dress. But, of course, never forget to add a ~festive ~ mini bag or summer sandal for good measure.When your go-to summer sundress just so happens