22 Reasons To Embrace The Laissez-Faire Attitude Of A Woven Basket Bag

The summer wardrobe is a blissfully carefree one. Unlike its wintry counterpart, tasked with the responsibility of keeping us warm, dry, and somewhat sane, warm-weather clothing need only provide a modicum of functionality and ideally, the conveyance of “good vibes,” whatever that means to you. Summer accessories have a similar flavor profile, and we find ourselves welcoming lightweight, ephemeral materials into the rotation — specifically, straw, sisal, seagrass, paper, and the like.Nowhere are these fibers put to better use than in the woven basket bag. This penultimate summer tote is the perfect picture of vacation-oriented laissez-faire: so minimal and inconsequential are your possessions in this state of mind that you could simply toss them into a vessel fabricated from mountain grass and stroll off into the sunset. There is no laptop in this handbag; no gym clothes, prescriptions, or overloaded keychains. This bag conveys freedom, not responsibility.Bearing all of this in m