18 Red Dresses That Will Turn Heads

When it comes to fashion, every color has its singular, special meaning. Black is edgy and serious; white is light and ceremonial, and pale yellow is a shade that’s seasonal and carefree. We could go on and on about every the color of the rainbow, but we’re here to talk about one timelessly bold and classic one: red. This fiery hue has the unique ability to send a special message to everyone around you — one of power and utter confidence.We also love crimson’s year-round properties — whether it’s 7 degrees or 70 degrees outside, you can always sport this shade. And because there may or may not be a white, blue, and red-specific holiday around the corner, we pulled out all the stops in our search for a summer-friendly red dress. (Spoiler alert: we found 18 of them, along with one jumpsuit that we loved too much to eliminate.) So click on through if you’re looking to match the American flag next weekend, or if just want to stun in the most attention-catching shade on the c