16 Ties Your Dad Would Never Buy For Himself But Would Love As A Gift On Father's Day

When it comes to Father’s Day gifts, it doesn\'t get much more classic than the necktie. This long, narrow, mystifying-fastened strip of cloth is a timeless menswear staple, and you probably have distinct memories of all the ties your dad had in his rotation while you were growing up. You never really understood why he had to wear one, but he always did. And these days, his neckwear collection might be in need of an update — if he’s anything like our dads, he doesn’t buy new stuff very often.Whether you’re racking your brain for a good Father’s Day gift and landed on this page out of desperation, or if you subscribe to an annual tradition of always gifting your Pa with some kind of neck accessory, you’ve come to the right place. We hit all of the man-friendly counterparts of our reliable shopping destinations (Mr Porter, East Dane, and of course, the men’s department at Nordstrom) in addition to some newcomer menswear brands like Bonobos and Rowing Blazers to find 16 sol



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