14 Moonstone Rings That Your Gemini Friends Will Love (& You Will Too)

What\'s that they say about diamonds? They\'re a girl\'s best friend. We give them as gifts for graduations, birthdays, and engagements, but they cost a pretty penny and aren\'t great for the environment. What if we told you that there’s an alternative jewelry option that neither hurts the planet nor costs an arm and a leg? Yep, time to trade in your diamonds for moonstone, the precious stone that\'s changing the way we shop for jewelry.Moonstones are pearly, iridescent stones that have been worn for centuries for their spiritual and restorative powers. And lately, as old-world healing (in the form of, say, 7am bikram yoga and 2pm matcha lattes) grows in popularity, we\'re also seeing a spike in these translucent stones. Add to that the fact that moonstone is the birthstone of all the June babies out there and you have every reason to give this jewelry style a try.So, before you blow your entire paycheck on a pair of diamond earrings, take a look through the 14 moonstone rings ahead. Who k