12 Of The Cutest Plus Size Sundresses Under $50

It’s hard to dislike summer — well, unless you don’t have the right wardrobe for it. If your closet is full of long sleeves and denim instead of flowy dresses and T-shirts, then 85 degree weather can be anything but fun. While affordable plus size sundresses aren’t exactly the easiest type of summer clothing to find (size inclusive and affordable and cute is often a difficult combination, for whatever unfathomable reason), there are a handful of options out there that will make that picnic in the park or beach day that much better. Being able to open your closet and feel like your clothes will keep you cool and cute without costing a million dollars is a luxury that every woman deserves.So take your strappy sandals out of the bottom of your closet, buy that trendy beaded bag you’ve been eyeing, grab a dragonfruit refresher, and get ready to shop for that perfect summer dress to complement it all. Whether you’re into maxi dresses, bold patterns, puff sleeves, or a combinatio