Why Everyone Needs A "Mom" Bag In Their Arsenal

You remember the bag. It sat in the car between the driver and passenger seat, always by your mom’s side as she chauffeured you to school on her way to work, or made the pilgrimage to the pizzeria after soccer practice with you and your three best friends in the backseat. It wasn’t huge, but it was big enough to hold a wealth of necessities for everyone in your family, and it was equipped with seemingly endless pockets and dividers to keep everything organized. Tissues, bandages, peanut butter crackers, a bottle of water, extra socks, Chapstick, sunglasses, disinfectant, Mad Libs — the solution to every problem was contained in that (roughly) 11\" x 14\" vessel. Your mom set the bar high for this item: it had to be easy to clean, in a color that complemented everything in her wardrobe, with a strap long enough to sling over her shoulder with ease. It also had to have a secure closure to keep all of her precious essentials safely in place.Now, years later, your mom is still rocking



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