Which 2020 Candidate Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

We don\'t pick our presidents based on their Zodiac signs (at least we hope no one does), but the trail to 2020 is long and winding, so let\'s have some fun, shall we? We spoke with astrologer Bryanna Brown, who runs StarCrossedStyle.com, to gain some insights into what the Zodiac signs of the most diverse lineup of presidential candidates in history say about their personalities — and learn what, if anything, the stars can divine about the 2020 race. For starters, Joe Biden\'s Scorpio energy is sure to make debate clashes interesting.Among other observations, Brown suggested that Bernie Sanders\' consistent message may have something to do with his Virgo sun sign, and that Kamala Harris\' polished charm is part of being a Libra.Ahead, find out what the 2020 presidential candidates\' astrological signs reveal about them — and which one is your Zodiac buddy.Aries (March 21 to April 19): Tulsi Gabbard\"What really stands out to me is how action-driven she is,\" Brown said of Hawaii Rep. Tuls