Under-$50 Must-Haves For A Stylish Beach Weekend

When the mercury begins to hold steady at 70 degrees, a particular type of frenzy takes hold of you. You’re browsing bathing suits, saving pedicure art to Pinterest, and Googling “best beaches near me ” with every free moment you have. It is officially shore season, and you’re absolutely determined to spend as much time sand-bound as possible. You may live in a concrete jungle, but that’s not going to stop you from organizing the coastal carpool during every possible summer weekend. And a long weekend? Forget it: there won’t be anything but crickets and tumbleweeds at your desk come 5 PM. You’re off to that rented seaside bungalow to snatch as much vitamin D as a three-day vacation will allow.Now, we know your saltwater habit doesn’t come cheap — three months worth of gas, bus tickets, house rentals, grill supplies, and cases of beer will start to add up, and won’t allow a lot of room in the budget for the crucial task of outfitting yourself. But we’re here to let