These Job-Interview Essentials Will Give You The Confidence To Land The Gig

Going to that first job interview can be a rollercoaster of emotions — excitement, insecurity, pride, anticipation — and outfitting yourself to meet with a potential employer is a task that will add to this pileup of feels. Obviously, your stellar resume, on-point qualifications, and sparkling wit will win over your prospective new boss, but so much happens in those first few seconds when you and the interviewer lay eyes on each other, so it’s crucial to pay attention to your \'fit, in addition how you might fit at the company. “It’s your first impression,” says Jessica Peters of The Muse, an online destination for job seekers, “so you can never overdress.” Solid advice — but how to apply it?If there’s a shopping conundrum, we’re here to help you solve it. Luckily we have many resources right here on our website, plus an exhaustive guide to the myriad office dress codes that you may encounter in 2019. But the job-interview shopping list is an especially tricky one