The Vogue Grifter Will Only Have To Do Three Years Probation

Right now in popular culture, we\'re fascinated by women who seem to have gotten away with something. Whether it\'s Elizabeth Holmes fooling investors and the media, Anna Delvey claiming to be a German heiress, or Lori Loughlin\'s alleged college admissions scam, we can\'t stop looking at these women — and more specifically, what they are wearing.On Wednesday, former Vogue staffer Yvonne Bannigan, who is accused of stealing more than $50,000 while she worked as Grace Coddington\'s assistant, was sentenced to do three years probation. She wore a black-and-white-polka-dot dress for the occasion. Last month, Loughlin was photographed on her way to a court appearance in Boston. The actress, famous for her role on Full House as Aunt Becky and a slew of Hallmark Channel films, took the opportunity to sign autographs for fans outside the court house. She wore a light brown statement suit with a ribbed gray shirt and a pair of leather round-toe boots, topped with a pair of smart-looking eyeglass