The Savviest Summer Travel Essentials

Even for those of us no longer on a regimented school-vacation schedule, finding the calendar days for warm-weather OOO time is still a key June through August move. So, with summer-break on the brain and Memorial Day Weekend on the horizon, we crafted a guide to cover one painstaking component of scheming for a sunshine-filled escape: What the hell to pack...While you suss out destinations, we\'ll worry about the warm-weather checklist that\'s actually essential. The savviest packing approaches are ones that do the maximum with the minimum by choosing compact, climate-strategic to dual-purpose and layer-able items. Think foldable sunhats, transitional travel wraps to carryalls turned clutches, chic slip-on sneakers, tinted-lip sunscreens, and relaxation-enhancing snacks. The smart, stylish, and essential packing solutions ahead are summer-break plan-approved (pseudo or not). Scroll on to lighten up your luggage load and tighten up your trips for optimal enjoyment.At Refinery29, we’re