The Real Mayor Of New York Works Out Of Chinatown

“Are you engaged?”I look up from the corner seat I\'m posted up on, between the entrance to a subterranean storeroom and a long glass countertop, the end of which is strewn with lunchtime debris: serviette napkins, plastic bags containing takeout boxes, and a half-dozen individual thermoses filled with hot water. A$AP Eva, the owner of the jewelry store I\'m camped out in, glances at the couple she\'s helping and gently tucks a herringbone-chain necklace into a case. Flat and gleaming, the chain snuggles against its velvet bed like a golden linguini. Setting the box down, Eva reaches for a wheel of engagement rings sporting diamonds that range in size from a Fruity Pebble to a human molar.My jaw has already gone slack and my forehead begins to sweat. It takes the couple who were purchasing the chain a few more beats to respond. “Uh, no,” the young woman stammers, her eyes going wide in awkwardness. Her boyfriend’s hands dig in deep into his pants pockets and he deliberately avoi