The One Outfit That Will Last You An Entire Weekend

Summer is coming, and with it: vacation. And with vacation comes suitcase packing. And with suitcase packing comes an inevitable closet conundrum. How to continue to flaunt your fabulous and unique style when luggage space is so limited? There’s so much to love in your wardrobe, but only so many things you can jam into your duffel bag.Enter the two-piece dress — or, as we like to call it, the wardrobe extender. Imagine if your favorite dress could magically halve itself, and lend its singular cuteness and flair to non-dress outfits. Such is the mystique of the dress set (or, if you’re shopping on a UK site, the co-ord) — it retains its stylish properties when united, or separated and distributed among other outfits.While this powerful pair certainly simplifies packing, it’s not just for travel. It’ll work its multiplication wizardry in your day-to-day wardrobe, too, so we’re officially deeming it a can’t-live-without summer staple. Click on through to find the set that?