The Met Gala Goes To Camp: Here's All The Over-the-Top Looks From The Red Carpet

We\'ve researched the theme, predicted what celebrities will wear on the red carpet, and Insta-stalked Lady Gaga for so long that we\'re starting to see platforms in our sleep. The only thing left to do is watch the red carpet. Yep, the First Monday in May is finally here, and it\'s time to welcome the biggest, most meticulously planned night in fashion: The Met Gala.The Met Gala kickstarts a four-month-long exhibit put on by the Costume Institute at New York City\'s Metropolitan Museum of Art. This year\'s theme, based on Susan Sontag\'s 1964 essay, \"Camp: Notes On Fashion \", is all about \"the love of the unnatural: of artifice and exaggeration.\" So naturally, we\'re expecting attendees to go completely over the top with their red carpet looks. After all, if Cardi B and Rihanna can take even a Catholic-themed dress code and make it fashion, we can\'t imagine what they\'ll do with a theme literally dedicated to outrageousness.With Lady Gaga\'s four looks leading the way, here\'s how this year\'s g