The Cut’s Stella Bugbee Has Absolutely No Time For Self-Care

You hopefully knew this already, but Refinery29 plays very well with others. Case in point: For this week’s UnStyled podcast, global editor-in-chief and co-founder Christene Barberich interviewed Stella Bugbee, the editor-in-chief and president of another popular women’s outlet, The Cut. Having both survived the radical, sometimes scary evolution of media, Christene and Stella had much to discuss.When you’re at the helm of a major multi-pronged website, traffic, digital revenue, social media and the demise of countless former institutions are the daily de rigeur. To face all of this effectively, Stella offers one takeaway, one she calls “corny” and “like a 90s anthem”: “The big lesson for me is embrace the chaos.” This isn’t just a philosophy for mental health, she says. “Control, which is a thing that many people seek in every industry, isn\'t necessarily the best way to grow, and growth is the goal for most of us,” she observes. “So the challenge is, ho