The Best Of The Basics: The Buys That Defy Seasons

We don\'t follow trends because we have to — we follow fashion trends because we like to. There\'s always something exciting about seeing what new colors, patterns, and silhouettes start to pop up season to season, from the runway to our favorite brand-name stores.But at the end of the day, it\'s the basic pieces in our wardrobes that get the most attention — that perfect white T-shirt, most comfortable boots, and go-to blazer. These are the buys that don\'t change so much with each season. They\'re reliable, versatile, and timeless — and yet, they\'re not always the easiest to shop for. You\'ve probably bought six white T-shirts before you found the one that feels like you and never goes out of rotation.One of the simplest ways to cut back on some of those, let\'s be honest, less stellar buys is to get a recommendation from a friend. So we analyzed the customer reviews, waded through the comments section, sorted by top-rated, and grilled the R29 team to find out what pieces truly make t