The Best Memorial Day Sales: A Real-Time Report Of Every Major Fashion Deal

For some of us, the first Monday in May is an unspoken national holiday, where we take a break from working around 5 PM to bear witness to all the lewks being served up on the Met Gala’s pink carpet. However, we occupy quite a specific niche, and for most Americans, the last Monday in May is actually the most important one, where we enjoy a full day off to commemorate service in the US military.It’s also become the unofficial first day of summer, and therefore a fertile time of year for sales. As we’re well into spring deliveries and on the brink of pre-fall (the fashion cycle is so cruel!), it’s the perfect moment for retailers big and small to mark the holiday by offering discounts of many shapes and sizes. And you better believe we get wind of all of them.There were so many, in fact, that we had to collect them all in one handy-dandy spot for you to bookmark — and check often. This story is very much live and getting updated the moment our ears perk up with news of anothe