The Activewear This Hip-Hop Dance Star Swears By

Watching 27-year-old Mette Towley dance is a heart-racing experience. Slow, graceful strides quickly turn into hypnotizing hip movements and bass-chasing body rolls — the kind of physical spell that\'ll leave you subconsciously swaying at the edge of your seat. It\'s no wonder her talent has earned her screen time in some pretty major music videos.Aside from Towley\'s natural agility and strength, the ability to move freely — without any distractions — is essential when it comes to nailing her best routines. \"Being limitless in your movement means that who you are for the world expands,\" she explains. And that begins with the apparel she chooses to suit up in — activewear that\'s able to keep up. \"Since I’ve been dancing, I’ve pretty much only worn adidas. It’s been part of my journey as a dancer.\"The brand\'s latest launch, PrimeKnit activewear, features versatile training gear built with an engineered fit for total flexibility and a full range of movement. From comfort-firs