Show Your Love For Mom By Spelling It Out With Personalized Jewelry

On any occasion, there’s really nothing like a customized gift — but on Mother’s Day, a piece of personalized jewelry can feel tear-sheddingly special. Our moms were our earliest jewelry role models, and our penchant for heirloom-feeling baubles — charm-laden pendant necklaces, stacks of tooled bangles, and engraved signet rings — originated with the inherited accessories that she’d pile on every day. We’d pore over the mysterious names and initials chased into the precious pieces she wore, which would prompt questions and stories about the female relatives who’d handed down these treasures.Having gleaned so much inspiration from your mother’s style, perhaps now is the time to show her that you’ve been paying attention — with something wearable, sparkly, and stamped just for her. While she might tell you that she all the jewelry she needs, a modern-day version of one of her cherished engraved antiques is something that she’s probably not expecting. So if you?