Netflix Is Launching Next In Fashion With Tan France And Alexa Chung

If you’re all caught up on Queer Eye and missing the brilliant fashion wisdom from the Fab Five’s Tan France, today is your lucky day. Netflix just announced that the designer and TV personality is slated to host a brand new competition series called Next In Fashion. His co-host will be none other than Alexa Chung, a fellow Brit and one of fashion’s OG it girls. The show is being described as “high-stakes,” and for a good reason: The winner will receive a $250,000 prize and an opportunity to debut their collection with luxury fashion retailer Net-a-Porter.Similar to Project Runway, Netflix’s Next In Fashion will start off with a pool of designers who will come face-to-face with all sorts of design challenges. According to a press release from Netflix, the contestants will have to work with “a different trend or design style that has influenced the way the entire world dresses.” So, y’know, no pressure or anything.Elizabeth Stewart, stylist and fashion editor, and Eva