Meet The Designer Who Can’t Keep Her Crystal Durag In Stock

More and more we are looking to our phones to scope out the latest products, brands, and designers on Instagram. And in the case of Cheyenne Kimora, the 28-year-old designer behind the viral You Are Adorned durag, the social media platform is a way to build community for her brand.\"I’ve been designing since 2008. I was initially in college on track to study aerospace engineering — yes this is true lol— but once my love for fashion design took over I shifted gears and changed my major to art history,\" the Los Angeles native tells Refinery29.It\'s fitting she majored in art history because each durag feels like a wearable masterpiece. \"The detailing throughout our pieces are all handmade even down to our hand wefted durags,\" she explains. View this post on Instagram I am a child of two trini immigrants. My mom worked for IBM, and my dad owned his own business. They worked ten times harder just to keep their wages... trust me I’m not sleeping anytime soon. Durag: