If You Go To The Met Gala & Don't Take A Bathroom Pic, Were You Even There?

There\'s nothing like the overhead fluorescent lighting of a public bathroom to give haute couture that je ne sais quoi factor. At the Met Gala, much like most of the parties I attended in college, where kegs were kept in showers, the real action happens in the bathroom.The bathroom selfie, made popular by the likes of Kylie Jenner, was borne of the strict no-cellphone or social media rule inside the Gala, one of its main tenets of etiquette. (It\'s also, allegedly, a strict no-parsley-or-garlic zone, at Anna Wintour\'s request, for the sake of sparing guests\' respective teeth and breath.)The rule, which is likely enforced to keep the event private, is still often broken. Last year, Eva Chen posted a candid shot of a blinking Kendall Jenner, a very focused-looking Kim K, and SZA giving a thumbs up, and reportedly live-streamed part of Madonna\'s performance. (I shudder at the thought of Anna Wintour witnessing such flagrant rule-breaking.) View this post on Instagram A p



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