Hey Kanye West, What Are Those On Your Feet?

Okay, friends. At this point in our relationship with Mr. Kanye Omari West, we know that if there is anything that Kanye loves anything more than Kanye, it\'s a good outfit. Remember when he directed the airport paparazzi to be sure to capture his coat? How about when he emailed his wife Kim Kardashian and told her “it’s all about tiny little [sun]glasses. ” Or the time he doubled down on wearing sandals that were too small, calling them \"Japanese-style?\" Now, the man who is selling \"church clothes\" as merch is giving us yet another offering to (maybe) place upon our bodies.On Monday, he was photographed wearing what might be his next Yeezy shoe drop. West\'s outfit was pretty standard (as far as he\'s concerned). He wore a a navy T-shirt over a gray flannel thermal with cropped faded maroon pants. But south of his ankles, West wore a pair of shoes that we haven\'t seen before. View this post on Instagram Kanye West apareceu com um tĂȘnis um tanto diferente em seus