EmRata Unveils Bodysuit Campaign Featuring Models Of All Ages

Emily Ratajkowski is so much more than just a model. An entrepreneur, an advocate, a designer — these are the labels that have come to describe the 27 year-old throughout her time in the spotlight. This year alone, she utilized her 22.9 million Instagram followers to fight for reproductive rights, calling out Alabama congressmen for voting to ban abortion; she graced the covers of countless international magazines; and appeared on a billboard over Sunset Boulevard for Babe Rosé — and we\'re only five months in. But if those wins weren\'t enough, EmRata\'s cult-favorite swim brand, Inamorata, just launched a collection unlike any we\'ve seen before.This morning, the brand\'s body line, Inamorata Women, unveiled a groundbreaking new collection of versatile bodysuits made specifically with every woman in mind. \"Women can spend their whole lives in a bodysuit,\" Emily Ratajkowski told Refinery29. \"We start wearing bodysuits as babies and [...can style them] well into our 70s. They really ar



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