Chelsea Handler Cries In Public Now & Everyone Needs To Deal With It

Chelsea Handler\'s comfort zone has always been a place of laughter. But while working on her latest book Life Will Be The Death of Me...and you too! , the comedian found herself in tears. Often. And in front of an audience of sorts, too. \"I would sit in so many airports, because that’s where I like to write: in lounges. I would sit, and I would just be bawling,\" Chelsea tells Refinery29\'s co-founder and global editor-in-chief Christene Barberich on the season 4 premiere episode of UnStyled. \"I was like, oh God, this is a wreck, but I was at a place where I could actually deal with crying in public, not giving a shit [if] anybody saw me crying. Just being really present with what I was writing.\"In Life Will Be the Death of Me, the former Chelsea Lately host confronts, among other things, the deaths of both her mother and a beloved brother, and the related discoveries made with her psychiatrist. It wasn\'t just an emotional breakthrough but a creative one, too. \"I understand now why peo


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