Amazon's "The Drop" Will Sell Limited Edition Items Designed By Influencers

As much as we love to shop brick-and-mortar stores, most of the things we buy are from Amazon. In addition to shopping, it\'s also how we catch up on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, save shelf space (thanks Kindle) and find out the weather without stepping outside (ahem, Alexa). But while we\'ve come to accept that most of our lives are controlled by Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos only, there is one area of expertise that he hasn\'t quite gotten a grasp on... yet.Anyone who\'s tried to shop for clothes, shoes or accessories on Amazon knows that it isn\'t always easy. There are insider tricks of course (if you\'re not already following @fashionsecrets93, you should be), but searching through thousands of items can be an arduous task. Well, the brains over at Amazon have finally come up with a way to improve the online shopping experience.Introducing The Drop, a limited-edition shopping experience that\'s sure to make buying Amazon Fashion\'s top trends easier than ever before. Here\'s how it works: once y