All The Hidden Meanings Behind Sansa Stark's Finale Look

It’s over — it’s so over. Game of Thrones aired its last ever episode last night. [Spoiler Alert] While fans are saying that Dany’s demise and Bran the Broken’s ascension to the Iron Throne aren\'t exactly the endings they were hoping for, there was one part that lived up to their expectations: the outfits.Between Dany’s leather dress, the return of Jon’s Night’s Watch ‘fit and a new “what’s west of Westeros?” look for Arya, it\'s clear that costume director, Michele Clapton wasn\'t messing around. But if we had to choose just one finale look to nerd out over, it’d be the dress Sansa Stark wore to finally get her crown.\"if i am ever a queen, i\'ll make them love me.\"all hail sansa of house stark, queen of the north. long may she reign.#SansaStark #QueenoftheNorth— best of sansa (@ASOIAFsansas) May 20, 2019 For the character who said arguably the least in the finale, Sansa got it pretty good in the end: A brother ruling the Seven Six