19 Bridal Shower Outfits That Will Get All The Approving Nods

When it comes to weddings — whether you’re having one, participating in one, or attending one — there are enough wardrobe requirements to make the smartest woman’s head spin. Sure, when it comes to the big day itself, there’s some clarity: the bride wears white; her maids wear what she tells them to wear, and all of the guests turn out in their finest. But what about the events surrounding the day of matrimony? There’s the engagement party, the bachelorette party, and, possibly the greatest head-scratcher of them all, the bridal shower.You may be at a loss regarding what to wear to this family-friendly, traditionally ladies-only soiree, which typically combines the chill atmosphere of a daytime party with the slightly heightened formality of a wedding adjacent-event. You want to look festive enough for your girls, but your lewk mustn’t prompt any side-eye from Meemaw, either. It’s a set of requirements that might leave you standing helplessly in front of your closet, b