18 Canvas Sneakers For Painting The Town This Summer

Why do we love canvas shoes? It may have something to do with their throwback connotations. Before synthetic fibers became the trainer standard, canvas was the durable and rugged athletic material of choice — it was even used to make the very first pair of Adidas in 1920. The most iconic cloth styles — from the Champion to the Chuck Taylor and the Authentic — predate most of the current high-tech fabrication tennis shoes by a few generations, and are still in style rotation for good reason: this low-key textile is the ideal summer shoe.Totally casual, inexpensive, but still bursting with style, you can find canvas kicks in nearly every color (and print) of the rainbow — and you better believe that for this round-up, we looked long and hard for the best ones available. From Converse-archive leopard print high-tops, to So-Cal styled tie-dyed Vans, to a slightly- pricy-but-must-see pair of Burberry skate shoes, we think you’ll find your go-to-summer sneaker in this round-up. Cli