Your Ultimate 4/20 Gift Guide

We all have that one friend. Sometimes they laugh for 10 minutes straight about absolutely nothing. Sometimes they eat a whole dozen of cookies in one sitting. Sometimes that friend is us. And as 4/20 approaches, we’re taking some time to brainstorm the gifts our smoking buddies will enjoy (and the ones you can enjoy with them on your next High Sunday). ’Tis the season to puff puff pass more than just the jay.Everyone gets high differently. For your faux revelations and pseudo deep thoughts stoner friend: a fancy notebook so that they can properly document their ideas. For the stoner looking to relax after a hard day of work: an Insomnia Cookies gift card and fleece hoodie for high cuddles. For the pretentious stoner: a ceramic pipe hand fired in Brooklyn. There’s a gift for every weed-smoking friend on your list.And no matter what gift your friend prefers, they\'ll be happy to learn the proceeds are going to a worthy cause. Though 11 states and Washington D.C. have legalized mari