Why Marina Almost Quit Music & Public Life Forever — And What Brought Her Back

The lyrics to “Enjoy Your Life,” off Marina Diamandis’ new album, Love & Fear, could serve as the soundtrack to your soul from here on out — at least, they should.“Sit back and enjoy your problems / You don’t always have to solve them,” she cheers. “Cuz your worst days, they are over / So, enjoy your life / Yea, you might as well accept it / Don’t you waste your time regretting. Yea, your worst days — they are over / So, enjoy your life.”It’s exactly the type of infectious, carefree chorus you’d expect from any other pop star. But when sung by Marina, who’s back from a hiatus with a tweaked stage name (no longer “Marina and the Diamonds,” simply Marina), it feels like a release — like finding joy in life’s in-between moments or coming to terms with the inevitability of change.Acne Studios top; Sies Marjan Tommie Wool Canvas Blazer, $1,595, available at Sies Marjan; Sies Marjan skirt; Mounser earrings. On the day of her release of single “Orange Tre



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