Why Fans Think Arya Deserves An Outfit Upgrade Considering Last Night’s Kill

Warning: This story contains some serious spoilers for last night\'s “The Long Night.”Arya Stark went and did the damn thing Sunday night — she officially killed the Night King. The moment the knife slipped from her grip, our hearts stopped in our tracks, along with roughly 17.4 million viewers. Arya truly showed her worth as a warrior, as even the leader of an army of the dead couldn\'t stop her from finishing off the Battle of Winterfell with one swift Valyrian steel knife to the abdomen. Given her epic performance last night, not just in Godswood, but all over Winterfell, diehard Arya fans think she deserves some love in the costume department — and they\'re going straight to the source.Four days ago, Game of Thrones costume designer, Michele Clapton, took to Instagram to share a photo of Arya with the caption, \"Arya... finally home... and moving forward. One amazing character in a cast of so many!\" But it\'s not what she said that\'s causing a stir among GoT fans. Since she ofte