Why The Child Ear-Piercing Policy At Claire's Is Under Fire Right Now

There are thousands, perhaps millions, of people across North America whose ears are pierced because they sat in a chair at Claire’s, nervously clinging to their best friend, parent, guardian, or a lucky person willing to hold their hand while they endured the slightly painful procedure of having a metal rod impale their earlobes. Claire’s has pierced over 100 million ears around the world in four decades, to be exact.Getting your ears pierced may seem innocuous and pedestrian — a basic rite of passage — but this week, the act has started a nationwide conversation about children and consent.32-year-old Raylene Marks of Alberta, Canada, quit her job at one of Claire’s Edmonton-area stores over the accessories chain’s ear-piercing policy. In a widely shared Facebook post, Marks wrote “An Open Letter to Claire’s Corporate” detailing a situation in which she refused to pierce the ears of a seven-year-old girl, who “made it clear she no longer wanted to get her ears pier