Taylor Swift’s New Merch Is the Biggest Clue That Her Album Is Dropping Soon

We are just two days away from finding out what Taylor Swift is up to. She’s been dropping mysterious clues for what feels like an eternity at this point, hinting that something significant is taking place on April 26.And now the suspense has reached its boiling point. Earlier this week, Taylor Swift was spotted in New York City wearing a pink, long-sleeve crop top with glittery roses on the front and — wait for it — her name on the sleeve in white lettering.Several fans are convinced that Taylor is giving the world a sneak peek at her new merch. That theory would make sense considering the crop top fits right in with the dreamy, pastel-hued aesthetic she’s been promoting lately. Just take one look at her Instagram these days and you’ll see a rainbow of color that includes everything from a pink heart-shaped diamond to a baby blue bicycle.HER SHIRT SLEEVE SAYS TAYLOR SWIFT THAT IS MERCH https://t.co/JRAwNA7lm3— jess ? (@jesshakeitoff) April 22, 2019 THE SLEEVE SAYS TAYLO