Taylor Swift's Merch Line Is Here, And It's Even Better Than We Predicted

The countdown to April 26 has come and gone, and we are now officially living in a brand new Taylor Swift era. As predicted, she released a new song with a very enthusiastic title: “Me! ” The first single from #TS7 includes a feature from Brendon Urie, otherwise known as the frontman for Panic! at the Disco. (Gee, wonder where Tay got her exclamation mark inspiration from?) It’s the first time these two have collaborated on a track, and in the music video, Taylor wears a lot of pastel.Taylor also dropped something else besides new music: a fresh merch line. Just last week, Miss Swift was caught in New York City wearing a pink, long-sleeve crop top with glittery roses on the front and her name on the sleeve in white lettering. Many fans were convinced that Taylor was giving the world a sneak peek at her new merch, and as it turns out, their predictions were on point as usual.That same crop top is now available for purchase at the official Taylor Swift online shop, alongside a coll