Style Out There: What Sex & Spandex Does For Dancehall Queens In Jamaica

It Takes A Great Outfit And Sexy Moves To Be A Dancehall QueenThere are 2.8 million people in Jamaica. To put that in perspective, that’s less people than live in Kansas. And yet, Jamaican food, Jamaican culture, Jamaica beaches, Jamaican music, and, yes, Jamaican fashion, are internationally recognized and respected. From rasta to reggae, the world looks to Jamaica for how to chill out.But one of the country’s most influential cultural exports today is decidedly un-chill: Dancehall. Characterized by giant sound systems, street parties, and wild moves, dancehall has infected pop music around the world including international artists like Rihanna, Drake, and Justin Bieber. But dancehall is not new. Dating back to the ’40s, dancehall is said to be the grandfather of hip hop, EDM, and DJ culture, and has strong political roots. It was and still is a place for folks to escape from and protest against the harsh realities of poverty, unemployment, and violence.But you don’t have to t