Sophie Turner & Maisie Williams Took To Good Morning America To Show Off Their Fashion Expertise

With only a few hours left until the red carpet premiere, it\'s no surprise that the whole world is watching the Game of Thrones cast\'s every move. It\'s been nearly two years since White Walkers turned Viserion into a killer undead dragon; the Wall, which protects all of the Seven Kingdoms from the zombie apocalypse, was completely destroyed; and sister duo, Sansa and Arya Stark teamed up to slay Littlefinger during the show\'s penultimate season finale. But while we\'ve been twiddling our thumbs waiting for the final season to begin, the cast has been doing just the opposite — Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams in particular.For starters, Sophie Turner got engaged to Joe Jonas, whom many would say is the hottest Jonas brother (unless you\'re team Nick, of course). Maisie Williams launched her creative networking app, Daisie, and famously dyed her hair pastel pink. And then there\'s the part about their rise to fashion royalty.Between gracing magazine covers, landing partnerships with Coac