Put A Ring On It: Our Guide To Your First Big Jewelry Purchase

You probably clicked on this headline because you’re “looking.” Maybe you’re in a relationship that’s headed down the aisle and you\'re on the hunt for an engagement ring; or perhaps you’re on a personal journey and you want to reward yourself for reaching a milestone. No matter your motive or where you are in the process of investing in your first big-purchase real-deal ring, you may be a little overwhelmed; because, as jewelry designer and antiques expert Erica Weiner points out, there are a lot of options.“We all have to have these little conversations with ourselves,” says Weiner. “Do I want the design-it-yourself custom kind of a thing? Do I want a vintage ring, and have it come with all those crazy vibes and history? Do I want to get something sparkling and new?” These are essentially the three avenues for today’s fine-jewelry shoppers, and within these categories there are thousands upon thousands of options.Armed with the goal of demystifying this process,



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