No Matter Where Your Spring Vacation Takes You, Here's Everything You Need To Pack

Fact: we\'re all overdue for a good vacation. Between last minute deadlines, midterm exams and everything else that\'s taking up space in our date books, it can be tricky to find the time to plan a trip, let alone actually follow through with one. But once your vacation days are approved and your travel plans are finally booked, there\'s still one last hurtle to clear — and it\'s a big one: packing. If you thought finding a flight + hotel package that wouldn\'t drain your savings was hard, just wait until you\'re looking up and down from your open closet to your empty suitcase with no packing plan in place. Now that\'s hard.The secret to packing lies in the destination. Are you road tripping out west or heading off to the tropics? Is the plan to spend your week(end) hiking, swimming and getting lost somewhere or vegging out at the hotel spa? Spending time with your significant other or with your squad? Whatever it is, every itinerary involves a vastly different set of outfits. So to ensure