Naomi Campbell Says Some Countries Won’t Run Her Ads Because She’s Black

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has never shied away from using her voice and platform to champion the causes of Black people — be it condemning police brutality and racism within the fashion industry, or an all-white masthead when she sees one. Now, the veteran is speaking out against the injustices she\'s faced during her 33 years as a fashion model — and that includes a current situation involving her first-ever beauty campaign.During an appearance at the Condé Nast Luxury Conference in Cape Town last week, Campbell shared the effects of the fashion industry still not being balanced or inclusive. \"I’m the face of a new campaign and I was told that because of the color of my skin a certain country would not use my picture,\" Campbell said. \"For me, it was a reality check. I never believe in the hype, so it just kept things in perspective for me. Now I would like to know that models [of color] get the same opportunities and fees in advertising.\" View this post on Instagram