Marc Jacobs Got Married In The Most Marc Jacobs Way: Surrounded By Fashion Royalty

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs married his longtime partner, model-turned-candlemaker Char Defrancesco, in a lavish celebration of their love in New York City on Saturday evening.Not surprisingly, the couple’s celebration was full of meaning — and fabulous fashion.The couple has been together for more than three years. Last year, E! News reports, Jacobs proposed to his love at Chipotle with a flash mob performing a choreographed dance to the Prince classic “Kiss.”The iconic designer shared some of his prep on Instagram, revealing he had a selection of ties and footwear ready for the event, writing, “Choices. A gurl needs options.”Jacobs shared a photo of his wedding ring and a meaningful onyx diamond penguin pin that he and Defancesco both wore. \"Penguins have only one partner and mate for life. A great example of faithfulness and fidelity,\" he wrote. View this post on Instagram God is in the details. One of the pair of Art Deco Diamond and Onyx Penguins. An


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