Goodbye, Travel Steamer: These Wrinkle-Free Clothes Are Perfect For Packing

There’s nothing like the nervous anticipation of going on a trip. Whether you’re headed to another city for work, or crossing borders for a soul-searching solo trip, the prospect of being away from your routine and familiar surroundings, can give you a rush of excitement and anxiety. And if there’s one thing that going to put a wrinkle in your perfectly planned trip, it’s the prospect of actual wrinkles that are sure to plague all of your lovingly packed outfits as they sit jammed into your carry-on. How in the world do you shrink your closet into a single carry-on, and still look put together despite the fact that you’re living out of a suitcase?It’s a conundrum, we know; but it’s one that we’re here to help you solve. We’ve sussed out some of the best spring pieces in wrinkle-resistant fabrics like Lycocell, Tencel, and cashmere, in silhouettes that will complement both vacations and business trips. With a little strategy in your fabric choices, you can fill your lu


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