Experts Say Building A Sustainable Wardrobe Starts With The Right Investment Pieces

With the fate of retail weighing heavily on the shopping behaviors of Millennials, the word sustainability gets tossed around quite a bit. As consumers become more conscious of the way their spending habits affect our environmental surroundings, sustainable purchasing practices are a priority — and many retailers are shifting their business models accordingly. Millennials, for example, are willing to pay more for products from brands that channel the industry\'s ecological challenges into opportunity for innovation and positive impact. But it’s not only about the materials we\'re buying (thank you to brands like Everlane and Reformation for making that easier), but their potential for longevity.Of course, we all fall victim to the fleeting delight of fast fashion\'s affordable trend pieces. We forego luxury staples to avoid heftier price tags, opting for cheaper iterations instead. \"Fast fashion is fun, but only for a short moment,\" says Tamara Mellon, seasoned veteran in the luxury f