Every Pastel Outfit In Taylor Swift’s New Video & The Meaning Behind It

Taylor Swift has been pretty secretive over the last few months: dodging cameras, dropping Instagram hints, staying in with her cats (except for Gigi Hadid\'s 24th birthday party), ya know, typical T. Swift stuff. But the news she\'s been so deliberately hiding from us is finally here — and it comes in the form of the music video for her new song, \"ME!\".The video is already breaking the Internet (with 25,230,114 views on Youtube and counting). And it’s easy to see why. I mean, have you seen the outfits? From a Monique Lhuillier princess gown to a mint chocolate chip set, each look fits in perfectly with Taylor’s new pastel aesthetic. But what does it all mean? This era seems to represent refresh and rebirth for Taylor, which perfectly coincides with her use of pastel hues. The muted yellow and pink colors traditionally symbolize joy, optimism, and the newness of springtime. That sentiment goes hand in hand with the video\'s opening scene: Kim K.\'s infamous snake reference bursting i