Coachella Fashion Has Come A Long Way From Flower Crowns & Crop Tops

If you\'re anything like us, you love a good throwback photo. There\'s nothing better than scrolling back through your Instagram feed and seeing all the tragic outfit mistakes you\'ve made throughout the years. After all, those fashion mishaps made your style what it is today. Well, that\'s essentially the case with Coachella fashion. For years, hoards of millennials have flown out to Indio, California to listen to Beyoncé and maybe catch a glimpse of Vanessa Hudgens, but the main event has always been the clothes.And boy, were some of the outfits bad. But over the last few festival seasons, we\'ve seen Coachella style take a move in the right direction, a.k.a. away from flower crowns, denim cut offs, and barely-there crop tops. From head-to-toe tie-dye to monochrome two-piece sets, we can actually see ourselves wearing these looks far past Ariana Grande \'s last bop of Weekend 2.To prove it, we\'re scouring Indio this weekend and the next and rounding up the best and brightest celebrity fas