Closing Up Our Business Didn’t Make Us Quitters

“It should be fun.”That’s what we always said when we talked about opening a store together. For years, we shared this pipe dream of one day creating a space where all these weird and wonderful items we’d picked up from our travels would find a (temporary) home. Four years ago, after nearly a decade of talking about it, we finally pulled the trigger and opened Calliope, an interiors store tucked away on a tree-lined and cobblestoned street in New York City’s West Village.“It should be fun” was the shop’s tagline and served as a constant reminder of why we were doing this in the first place.When the store first opened, Caroline and I were ecstatic. Our small shop was full of items we’d shipped back from trips to far-flung places, pieces wrapped in newspaper and lugged through customs, weird objects unearthed from antiques auctions in unglamorous corners of America, and a carefully curated collection of new items sourced from a handful of designers making products with


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